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Tumor encyclopedia benign tumor blood tumor throat tumour eye tumor info index search tagcloud guestbook admin « health health tipshealth articles throat cancer causes of throat cancer september 5 2012 benign adrenal gland tumor symptoms adrenal adenoma (benign adrenal gland tumor tags: benign adrenal gland tumor symptoms   shell @ 9:38 an adrenal adenoma is a benign tumor in the adrenal gland. It arises from overgrowth of the adrenal tissue, mainly from the adrenal cortex hence the term adrenal cortical adenoma. When the tumor is within the adrenal medulla then is known as pheochromocytoma. viagra without a doctor prescription buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online viagra online viagra for sale cheap viagra online buy viagra online Benign means that it is non-cancerous and must be differentiated from a malignant tumors. The latter, malignancies, are cancerous like an adrenal carcinoma. The cells of a benign tumor are similar to the normal cells of the gland but have just overgrown excessively to form a mass. It does not invade surrounding tissue like a malignancy. Neither does it spread to other parts either through direct infiltration, the lymphatics or bloodstream as is the case with cancer. An excess of the male hormones presents with various symptoms in both males and females. The most notable is changes in hair growth and acne vulgaris. It may also cause virilization in females as the females hormones can cause feminization in males. The true incidence of an adrenal adenoma is unclear because about 80% of these masses are non-functional. This means it is hormonally silent and does not cause any symptoms. It is discovered incidentally during a ct scan or mri which is conducted for some other reasons. It is estimated that an adrenal adenoma is present in 1% to 10% of ct scans and mris. Since it is discovered incidentally, it is often referred to as an adenoma incidentaloma (ai). â  it is estimated that about 6% of people over the age of 60 years have an adrenal adenoma that is often only discovered incidentally or post-mortem. Most functional adrenal adenomas lead to an overproduction of the corticosteroids. An excess of cortisol, the most common. Play Now :: Credits

Ahoy Matey!

Travel to the tropical isles of the Caribbean to discover Blackbeard's hidden treasure.

But beware! Beaches, boats, and bikinis are not on the agenda and this is no Royal Caribbean Cruise line vacation! Blackbeard has gone to great lengths to hide his plunder and his secrets will not be discovered so easily! To reach your goal you will explore periless cliffs, coconut-tree-clad mountains and booby-trapped rainforests.


Fire your cannon at the cannonsballs and match colors to eliminate them before they reach the X, or Blackbeard's passage will never be revealed!
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